Musical Advert Made Entirely Using Condoms [Video]

Advertising condoms and the fact that they cut down on sexually transmitted diseases is not the easiest thing in the world to do but a new campaign from Sweden has come up with an innovative way of getting attention. Swedish sex advocacy group RFSU created a video for Youtube that is made of sounds that come from a condom and the video is getting huge attention online with thousands of shares. The beauty of this is that it takes a subject that for some can be very hard to talk about and almost taboo and makes it in to something fun and shareable while also making condoms seem cool. The condoms in the video are pulled, stretched, yanked, blown up and pushed in to all sorts of positions with a mic close up to them to capture the weird and wonderful sounds that come from them. It also confirms the fact that they are massively strong and will protect you at all times. A very smart campaign and the video is already approaching close to half a million views since launch.

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