Facebook launches instant insights for Timeline posts

A nice new feature from Facebook here, which is being rolled out to Facebook business pages on a test basis. While you could once see the amount of impressions a wall post had, without needing to go through Page Insights, they’re now releasing a feature that will allow you to see the percentage of fans that you’ve reached through a post. All Facebook has captured screengrabs to show what this new feature will look like :

As is usual, there’s no official word from Facebook on this feature, or when it will be rolling out to Pages in full.

What’s interesting is that the screengrabs show an overall percentage of who you reached, and then who you reached through a promotion (which we’ll assume is an ad campaign). Given that the reach figures are likely to be less than impressive, given the huge competition going on within the ticker for visibility of posts, this looks like it’s been designed to encourage increased ad spend to improve reach. The nice little ‘promote’ button right next to the stats is obviously going to help Facebook here…

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