25 Facebook Campaigns That Will Inspire All Marketers this weekend

For the last couple of weeks, we have been constantly hearing about the Facebook IPO, but we wanted to shift the focus away from the business of the social network to sharing some useful video case studies from brands and businesses who have leveraged Facebook to their advantage.

There is a mixture of large campaigns from big brands using complicated apps down to simple campaigns that get the users involved and there should be something for everybody on the list to help you get inspired. We cover all the sectors including consumer goods, alcohol brands, food companies and retailers and if you can’t find a little something on this list to create your own unique Facebook campaign then there is something very wrong. Enjoy the list.

Heineken Beer Tender

A simple little app that lets you share a keg of beer with a friend anywhere in the world as a gift with you getting one in return.

iLike Diesel

This was one of the first campaigns that used Facebook in the real world bringing interaction and fun to Diesel stores.

KLM Meet and Seat

A fun little campaign from the Dutch airline KLM who wanted to start making flying more fun by having people network with each other.

Kraft Likeapella

Lots of brands have thanked their followers, but none have done so in a more personal way than this video from Kraft who thanked each of them personally with a song.

Citroen Car Crowds

Rather than rely on their own designers to build the next great car, Citroen are going to work with their Facebook fans to deliver a brand new motor.

Volkswagen Fan Wagen

One of the biggest car brands in the world kitted out a couple of their best known models to be themed in the same way as Facebook.

Heineken’s One Like, One Balloon

Heineken came up with a really cool way of engaging with their fans and getting more likes than ever by promising to blow up a balloon for every like.

Corona Light

Corona wanted to create buzz without a huge budget and they did it by giving their fans the chance to appear on a New York billboard.

What Zurich Needs

You don’t often see great political campaigns on Facebook, but this one changed the way people thought about voting and about their city.

Smiles Orange Juice

This brilliant campaign did a great job for an orange juice brand in Isreal by getting people to smile to juice their own orange.

Schweppes App

The drinks company provided a useful app that allowed people to change their photos on their profiles into a beautiful design. (but not works on Facebook new timeline now, but the idea is good)

Facebook Physical Book

A phone company wanted to create something special using Facebook and they did so by allowing people to download a physical copy of their profile in book format.

Playboy Video

The adult magazine created a smart campaign that used Facebook connect to personalize videos for users and create a special piece of content.

Take My Lollipop

This was probably the scariest Facebook campaign ever as it used Facebook connect to use your own photos and data to scare the life out of you.

Whopper Sacrifice

This is an old campaign, but it got huge attention at the time. Instead of adding friends, this smart app asked you to remove 10 friends to get a free whopper.


This is probably one of the most ambitious Facebook campaigns ever created with a huge production budget and an engrossing story.

Flair fashion Tagging

This campaign used the tagging feature on Facebook and replaced photos with outfits to give their women readers a great fashion resource.

Trident Gum

This campaign from Trident was all about getting people on board, despite the fact that they were doing their taxes. It promised a fun audit of your Facebook profile.

Heineken Personalized Bottles

Yet another one on the list from beer brand Heineken who gave designers all over the world a great chance to personalize bottles.


The chocolate brand wanted to cash in on the Olympics so they allowed you to connect your Facebook profile and support the UK team in a virtual parade.

My Saddest Friends

People love to cheer their friends up and this simple app aimed to find your saddest friends and cheer them up via Facebook. Launching in Israel, it was a great way to make people happy and give the brand extra exposure.

The Museum Of Me

One of the best known campaigns of the last couple of years that turned your Facebook profile into a private gallery featuring all your content.

Subway Youth Campaign

When Subway wanted to tap into a youth audience, it turned to Facebook and a voting campaign that inspired the entire community.

Real World Renault

A motor show is not somewhere that you would expect to see Facebook, but Renault were able to use it to their advantage at their own stand.

Budweiser Canada

When one of the biggest beer brands in the world wanted to crack the Canadian market, it turned to this agency who created a first person hockey game.

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