EVOC Unveil Brilliant Indestructible Billboard Campaign

If you’re promoting a product that prides itself on durability and protection, then challenging people to break your product is a sure-fire way to get the point across. After campaigns featuring bulletproof glass and dropping an iPad from 100,000 feet, this campaign is to show off the toughness of sports brand EVOC latest backpack.

Placing one on a billboard in Berlin and at street level, passersby were invited to kick, punch, smash, and headbutt the backpack and try to break it. Of course, nobody was succeeded, but the genius part was that with every punch and attempt, the impact would end up taking a photo of the person hitting the billboard and posting it up on the main site.

The result was that there were 97 hits recorded per hour, lots of coverage on both online and offline media and fan activity on its Facebook page increased by 220 per cent. The campaign works so well as it’s instantly accessible to everyone, it’s immediately sharable, there’s a gamification element as it records how hard you hit it and most importantly, it lets you hit stuff, which is the sign of a good campaign in our book.

The campaign was created by Publicis, an ad agency based in Munich, Germany.

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