2 Brilliantly Innovative Vending Machines

Vending machines are a part of daily life all over the world and they sell a huge range of products. Two brands have started using them in their campaigns in a very different way, both to highlight their products and interact with their customers.

You won’t expect to see these vending machines coming to every street corner or shopping center any time soon, but you can see how they work well in terms of engaging with the consumers for these particular products. One campaign comes from China and the other from Argentina and both have been well thought out.

Corelle China

This plate brand wanted to highlight that their products were 100 per cent chip free, but nobody seemed to be believing them so they placed vending machines with the plates for sale in prominent city center locations. There is no better way of highlighting the strengths of the product than this.

Rugby Beer Machine

This beer company was having a tough time getting cut through among rugby fans in a country obsessed with football so they decided to create an innovative way of getting your beer out of the machine. Although it looks fun, we’re not sure this would get approved over here from a health and safety perspective.

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