Superb Innovative Hellman’s Point Of Sale Marketing Campaign [Video]

Most campaigns we cover that use cutting edge technology rely on apps, social media tools and other innovations to engage with customers, but this superb campaign from Hellman’s Mayo in Brazil is the complete opposite. Hellman’s went back to till receipts with a point of sale campaign that adds a wonderful level of personalization for their customers.

The problem that Hellman’s faced was that while people were buying their mayo, it was only being used in the kitchen for one specific task: making sandwiches. What they wanted to do was raise awareness that their product could be used to cook in a number of ways and to produce complex recipes with a large number of ingredients.

When shoppers paid for their Hellman’s, it triggered software that scanned their entire shop, check a database and returned a recipe to their till receipt in real time. The genius part of this is that the shoppers had the ingredients in their bags already, it raised awareness about the versatility of their product and it actually increased sales by a huge 44 per cent in the first month alone. Not everything has to be the latest technology break through in marketing, sometimes you just have to look at the world around you and re-think things a little.

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