Hilarious Russian Campaign Exposes “Parking Douches” [Video]

Illegal parking is a huge problem in Russia and no matter how they try to tackle it, the issue persists. However, a new campaign is getting results using a mixture of social media, an app and banner ads to get people thinking about the issue in an entirely new way.

As soon as you spot somebody illegally parked in the street, you fire up the app and take a picture of the offender. The app then uses your IP address, taps into a database of license plates and creates an online banner featuring the illegally parked car. The really smart part is that the car is turned into a banner advert that blocks users screens completely and is only shown to people in the local area using their IP address to target them. To remove the offensive banner from the screen, you are requested to share the picture of the car with your social network.

The thinking behind this is absolutely brilliant because it guilts people into thinking about their actions and because the campaign targets such a local area, there’s a very good chance that the offenders will see the ads. Possibly the smartest and best thought out campaign we’ve seen this year.

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