New site ‘Curalate’ lets you manage & measure your brand on Pinterest

Curalate has just come out of private beta with a new offering for brands that allows them to manage their presence more easily on Pinterest through advanced analytics. They are coming with a fresh approach that combines measurement of both the brand’s activities as well as the activity of fans (first and third party actions), giving a more complete view of how a brand is being perceived on a social platform. While the Curalate tool won’t be restricted to Pinterest, that’s the platform they’re focusing on for launch.

So what exactly is it and what features can brands hope to access?

Image recognition

Curalate have recognised that brands have a difficult job to do in measuring their reach on Pinterest, purely because the emphasis is on sharing images rather than sharing links or updates which can be tracked more easily through search. So while you might share an image of an item of clothing on Pinterest, you might only write a tag that says ‘love this’, which is great for you but of little help to the brand. This will collate your brand ‘mentions’ so you can see a summary of how people are interacting with your content:

This will also bring in associated conversations with pins, so you can see beyond the basic numbers:

Manage your account

As well as showing you the latest activity around your brand in Pinterest, they’re also offering a ‘Hootsuite’ type solution to manage your account. So where you can see conversations around your brand, you can make individual replies.


A really nice feature of Curalate is the ability to integrate the site with Google Analytics, so you can get a proper insight into how referral traffic from Pinterest is performing on your site. This also comes down to the individual content level, so you can see how a particular pin is performing:

There are a number of measurement metrics available within Curalate that encourage ‘social’ monitoring. You can also bring this down to an individual level – seeing which people are sharing or interacting with your content the most and also go through to their profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

Focusing on visual sharing and image recognition is an interesting approach and it seems to meet a need for closer tracking of content online, beyond keyword analysis or matching. While the analysis tools seem a little extensive, each area has been carefully constructed to include an action point so it’s about doing, not just measuring.

Curalate is currently available in public beta and you can sign up for a free trial, with paid options starting from $19/month

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