Huge Panasonic Marketing Sunt Turns Entire Tokyo River Blue Using 100,000 Lights

We’ve seen brands try every type of real world marketing stunts here on the blog over the years, but this one from Panasonic – where they turned the entire main river in Tokyo blue using more than 100,000 LED lights – must be the most impressive one yet.

Seen from above, it looks like a giant snaking beam of electricity that is pouring down the river, but before people ask the obvious questions about this doing any harm to the environment, they needn’t worry because these are actually solar powered lights that only start working when they hit the water and were all mopped up using a giant net.

The reason for doing this was that the river is well known for fireflies which are celebrated in this Tokyo Hotaru festival, but you have to say it was a smart move by the company to get the whole city and now the whole world is probably talking about their marketing stunt. It is amazing to think that brands are no longer happy with taking over a corner of a city and are now trying to take over the entire stretch of a river. We can fully expect to be brands around the world (River Thames in London anybody?) to be looking at this and to come up with similar strategies.

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