Your guide to the new Facebook App Center

Now that news of Facebook’s new App Center has hit, the immediate question will be how you can use it for your brand. With that in mind, I’ve gone through the announcements from Facebook and put together a guide with top tips on how to use the Facebook App store for the best and everything you can do to help your app get listed.

Build a good app

Okay, so this might seem a bit obvious and it would hopefully be part of your app strategy anyway, but building a good app experience is actually essential for getting your app listed in the center at all. This works on Facebook’s own ratings and review system, which has also recently been revamped. They’ve announced plans to launch an app ratings metric, which will require users to rate an app either after install or during the app experience. Depending on how your app scores and whether you offer a good user experience, this will affect the likelihood of your app being featured.

Build for mobile

The App Center is designed specifically for apps that offer a mobile experience (or, more specifically, apps that allow Facebook to monetise on mobile). So if you want an app to be considered for the App Center, it must be built either for iOS, Android or optimised for mobile web and function through a Facebook login.

Conform to design guidelines

Facebook has issued a number of guidelines for the icon of your app to ensure consistency of display in the app store, so bear these in mind when submitting your app. Facebook recommends that app icons are clean and free of clutter and that you also include screenshots of your app. Keep in mind that app imagery mustn’t include calls to action as standard. Your app icon should adhere to the following guidelines from Facebook:

Use single sign-on

If you’re submitting an app for iOS or Android as opposed to mobile web, you must make sure it uses single sign-on, to be eligible for submission. You can find more information on single sign on for Android here.

Automatic log-in

Facebook has stated that apps must include an automatic log-in experience when people land on your app from a link within the app store. You shouldn’t require them to log in via Facebook separately again. Also, bear in mind that you can offer the best experience by personalising the app content off the back of being logged in via Facebook.

Advanced guidelines for building and submitting your app for the App Center can be found here.

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