Social Media Articles To Read This Monday

You won’t make it through them all in one sitting but it’ll bring you up to speed with this week’s happenings. So just sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.

– Why an ‘e-’mail vacation’ might be good for your health.
– ‘F_ck Yeah!’ The Evolution of Tumblr’s Big Trend.
– How people spend their time online [Infographic].
– How TED used social media to evolve from a single event into a global media brand.
– Ten social media tips to go by when commenting and responding to customers online.

– The Guardian: Yep, it was “major changes” by Facebook that caused drop in social reader traffic.
– The value of Google Analytics for mobile.
– In a world of social media, who’s liable in the share economy?
– Why Groupon Now won’t work.
– Six ways to anticipate the future of digital behavior.

– Facebook latest S-1 amendment: Yep, we’re still weak on mobile.
– The best and worst type of tweets a user can send on their account.
– How users are app-ifying the web, with or without publishers.
– So what’s next in TV: A look at Machinima, the No. 1 entertainment network on Youtube.
– Online sharing: How much is too much?

– The future of TV is more than social, it’s a multi-screen experience that needs design.
– What happens when a normal person tries to buy Facebook.
– The most overused words in tech, as defined by Twitter.
– How Google is growing up into a real IT company.
– Exercises in democracy: Building a digital public library.

– Who’s ready for mobile payments? The U.S., Canada…and Kenya?
– Why startups need mentors who don’t pull punches [Video].
– Mobile could be what makes private social networks succeed.
– Inside Forbes: A contributor’s success story…from 40,000 to 400,000 readers.
– Why I don’t have comments on my site.

And on Simply Viral, a brilliant campaign which draws you to the subject of domestic abuse in a very unique way. Using just your mobile phone, you’re given the option to save a woman from being beaten.


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