Introducing The Real World Instagram Camera

When it comes to apps, you really can’t get anything hotter than Instagram right now and a company called ADR Studio have created a camera based on the app’s icon. It’s a concept design, but it really does blend the real world and the online world brilliantly. What is really ironic is the fact that Instagram was bought for a billion dollars, while printing photos companies like Kodak are all going out of business. I guess that is the void that this unique camera is trying to fill.

In theory, the camera would spit out photos from a small printer located at the side, but there would also be a large digital screen that would allow you to interact with the app using the social features of Instagram. As an added bonus, all pictures taken with the camera would feature a QR code that would allow other users to scan them and follow that user instantly.

It is a brilliant concept, but I doubt if this would work in the real world. For a start, the camera is a weird shape and wouldn’t be very portable and that’s before you figure out if it could actually be built, at what cost and if there would ever be a demand for it. It is, however, a lovely way for this company to show off their creative side.

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