Google Adwords Expands Bid Simulator To Include Campaign Estimates

While Google AdWord users have been able to create simulations of bids changes for a while now – showing users how many clicks and impressions you could receive if your bid changed. However, this was limited to only keywords and ad group levels until now that is as Google has made further changes which allows you to simulate campaign bids.

The change will allow users to see just how much a bid would change even if there isn’t enough data to go by from keywords or ad groups on their own. You can also see what could happen to a bid if you increase or decrease it by a specific percentage and how it affects cost, clicks and impressions.

Also, the system will be able to tell the user whether they need to increase their campaign budget so they can avoid being limited at the new bid value so if a potential bid looks good, you’ll be notified of this before you make your bid.

There’s also the option of downloading the bid simulation data at the account or campaign level as well as an AdWords editor, a compatible file with bid amounts at the simulated level, accompanied by the ad groups and keywords to which they should be applied to.

Those who use AdWords can access the simulator in the opportunities tab, where the option is located in the left navigation tree.

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