Easily The Best Drink Driving Campaign Poster Ever [Pic]

The best advertising in the world is always incredibly simple and it doesn’t get any better than this. When it comes to warning people about the dangers of drink driving, most campaigns are fairly predictable with horror scenes of victims from accidents and children getting paralyzed, but the following ad gets the message across in a more effective way. The caption simple says “Now you see it. Now you don’t.”

As far as we can see, the campaign didn’t actually extend to scenes being printed on actual cans of beer, but that would be the only logical step for such a simple and effective campaign. The campaign reaches beer drinkers, makes Fiat look good for thinking about safety and will make people think twice about drink driving whereas the more graphic ads tend to annoy some people.

Video Version

The posters were only part of the campaign as it also extended to TV with this short commercial, but we have to say the video over complicates things a bit. The video has been viewed close to three million times in a week though so it must be working.

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