TwitPoker – Fun Game Allows People To Bet All Their Twitter Followers

There has been a lot of talk online about people buying Twitter followers to boost their numbers of late, but today we introduce something completely different. That is the opportunity for users to bet their followers against each other where the winner takes everyone’s followers for themselves.

This isn’t something that normal people can just start doing, but was instead organized by an agency in Columbia who gathered some of the country’s biggest Twitter users for a winner takes all game of social media poker. Pitted against each other, web cams were set up which showed their cards to their followers who could help them out, all in the name of winning the grand prize of 180,000 followers.

While it does seem like an exciting campaign and the results about the coverage they got for the brand are impressive, the case study doesn’t seem to tell you how the followers were swapped over (impossible I would have thought) and what happened to the losing accounts.

The big bonus for the general public was that one lucky winner got flights to Vegas and an all expenses paid holiday. So while this is certainly an exciting campaign, it leaves more questions than answers. However, it does get me thinking about other gambling related projects you could do with Twitter. Would you be willing to bet your own followers against somebody else in a winner takes all situation, or is this just silly marketing hype?

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