Google Analytics Adds Trackback To Social Reports

Back in late March, Google Analytics introduced social reports to its services. With it, you could see how much traffic social media brought and which sites visitors came from. It’s probably worth reminding people that this feature exists since it took a while for it to finally emerge, but not only has it rolled out to everyone, Google has added another new feature to social reports: trackbacks.

If you’re familiar with trackbacks and comments on sites like WordPress or Blogger, then you’ll have a pretty good idea as to how these work. If not, trackbacks show you the URL’s and post titles of those sites that have linked to you. The linkbacks happen automatically so once someone creates a link, Google will alert you to it.

The benefits of this is that you get extra insight into your traffic, seeing what content attracts links and tracking conversations that link to your content. This feature is part of Google’s social analytics and plays a part in determining what Google calls social impact. The company has said that four elements define a site’s social impact: Sources, conversations, pages and social plugins.

Sources looks at how people get to your site, conversions focuses on the monitory value of social traffic and how it impacts your business, pages highlights what pages and content are shared, where they’re being shared, and how, and social plugins shows you which content is being shared and which sites they’re being shared on.

Analytics pieces these factors together and displays a summary of social impact on its overview report through its social value graph, which compares the number and monetary value of all goal completions (if you’ve set them) versus those that resulted from social referrals.

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