Forbes Brazil Launches In Style With Helicopter Deliveries

When you’re launching something as prestigious as Forbes in a new country, you need to pull out all the stops to ensure that it gets noticed by your target audience immediately. Ogilvy Brazilfelt that since Forbes is the type of publication that is essential reading for those at the top of a large company, it would be best to target them by delivering the first issue of Forbes Brazil straight to them. Yet just turning up at the door wouldn’t be enough to grab their attention so the agency decided to deliver the magazine by helicopter.

Naming it the ‘Helivery’, Ogilvy Brazil contacted the PA’s of those business people on their list so they could collect the magazine by meeting them at the top of their respective building. It’s an approach that really stands out (if you have the budget to pull it off) and would have grabbed Forbes a lot of attention in Brazil when they launched.

The second part of their campaign is called ‘The World Without’, a print campaign that shows what the world would be missing if certain people didn’t exist. So if Mark Zuckerberg didn’t exist (top image), there would be 3 billion fewer photos uploaded per month and 800,000 fewer people developing apps, while a world without Bill Gates would mean 57 million fewer videogames sold around the world. The campaign just adds to the fun of the campaign whose message is “A billion reasons to read.”

[Images via I Believe In Advertising]

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