Case Study: Nutella Facebook ad campaign outperforms TV

If you’re looking for a good case study for social media advertising that proves the ROI and effectiveness of the medium, look no further than the latest results released by Nutella. Their Christmas ad campaign featured a mix of traditional and new media spend, including TV and Facebook. Nutella claim that their Facebook ads accounted for 15 per cent of sales over Christmas, far outperforming their TV campaign. The Facebook ads, which took the form of a full reachblock campaign, promoted the Nutella Deutschland page:

Unfortunately, Nutella doesn’t reveal too much about how it’s attributing these sales to Facebook ads, so the figures have to be taken with a slight bit of reservation. But considering that the brand reached 30 per cent of the online population in Germany throughout December via its reachblock campaign, it would be difficult to argue that the Facebook ads hadn’t played a significant role in a large portion of advertising decisions. Rather than leading to a sales tab on Facebook, the campaign directed people through to an advent calendar application to win spot prizes.

Interestingly, the case study also reveals patterns behind combining Facebook with TV. While the Facebook campaign alone reached 30 per cent penetration online, Nutella found that 2.8 million people that saw the Facebook ad hadn’t seen the TV campaign, giving them 29 per cent exclusive reach. This is perhaps the most important take-out for marketers as it shows the importance of including an online element to major campaigns, and given the declining interest in TV ads, it’s boosted by the ‘second screen’ experience of viewing TV.

  1. May 14th, 2012

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