Zynga’s Genius Advertising Pitch For Draw Something: ‘Draw This Brand’

The growth of Zygna’s Draw Something in recent months has meant that the Pictionary-style game achieved the impressive milestone of 50 million downloads in five months (That’s including both the paid version and the free app with ads).

However, not content with just having paid apps, ads and freemium content as its main sources of revenue, Zygna has come up with a brilliant idea for brands to advertise while the game is being played: Getting players to draw their brand.

According to Adage, Draw Something is inserting advertisers’ paid terms into the game so that players can, quite literally, draw brands logos and products. So alongside terms like ‘Goggles’, ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘tears’, ‘Obama’ and ‘table’, you could find ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Coca-Cola’ in among them. The idea makes sense: the biggest brands have instantly recognisable logos and products so provided your drawing skills are reasonable, then players would be more inclined to draw them as the chances of the other player correctly guessing them is higher.

However, the problem that Draw Something is facing is the decline in monthly active users. According to App Data, the number of daily active users has dropped from 14 million at the start of April to close to 10 million more recently. Considering the fact that Zygna reportedly paid out $180 million in March for OMGPop, the company which created the game, it’s perhaps no surprise that the company is looking for different ways to generate revenue.

App developers are looking for new and different ways to generate revenue without having to resort to banner ads. The most popular method among developers is the freemium model, where apps are free to download, but come with additional content that can be purchased for a small fee.

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