Google Switches Advertising Focus To Maps By Launching New Site

Tying in with the numerous additions Google has made to its Maps product, the search engine giant is focusing in on convincing small businesses to make better use of Maps. Following the same train of thought that created their mobile playbook, Google has started another campaign with a new website and PDF book called “When is a map more than a map?”

While the PDF book isn’t near as flashy as its mobile counterpart, Google is really pushing out these advertising campaigns and bring businesses up to speed with what they’re offering. This guide is no different as the company gives you ways you can make Maps work for your business.

Apart from the obvious benefits of consumers being able to find your business, you have the ability to optimise your service by using analytics for getting people into your store and tracking delivered goods, it’s mobile optimised meaning that people will be able to access your service where ever they are and it can aid in-store promotions by visualising store performance over time. There’s also the option to display key information on the map, such as opening hours, stock inventory and special offers.

If it isn’t clear already, Google is trying to play Foursquare at its own game by implementing the same principals shown by the mobile app. Google does say that over 20 per cent of Google searches now contain a location element, and makes up over 40 per cent of mobile searches so there is a demand for such info if it’s offered up to users. It’s more a question of whether businesses decide to embrace this service and use it for something beyond saying “We are here!”.

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