You Know What’s Cooler Than A Million Dollars? This FB Timeline Infographic Depicting “The Social Network”

Ok, so paraphrased quote aside (let’s face it, nothing can be quite as cool as a million or even a billion dollars), this infographic from Internet marketing company WebpageFX is still a fun way to kill some time and remind yourself of the events from the hit movie The Social Network.

The infographic, called The Social Network: Zuckerberg’s Timeline, takes information from Facebook founder’s own Timeline profile and combines it with the events of the film. The result is the early days of Facebook depicted through status updates, wall posts, life events, relationship statuses, images,  Spotify updates, social readers updates, check-ins and life events. It’s very well designed and it’s fun to see just how each major event in the film is represented throughout the design.

As it’s mostly based on The Social Network, we’ll spare you the plot details (you have seen the movie, right?), but even if you haven’t seen it, you’ll still get some joy from reading this. The guys at WebpageFX give their reason for creating the infographic below:

“In the past year, Facebook released an innovative new design, known as Facebook Timeline, that would appeal to its users on a more emotional level, by allowing them to connect with others through the depiction and illustration of their life story from birth to the present day. This new layout came shortly after the Hollywood blockbuster, The Social Network, was released. So we thought it appropriate to illustrate the life story of Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, through Timeline, in accordance with the events of The Social Network.”

So what do you think? Does it make you want to watch The Social Network again?
The Facebook Timeline of Mark Zuckerberg


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