Twitter Updates Discover Tab To Include Personalised Content

Twitter has been placing most of their focus on advertising in recent times, but their latest change is aimed towards making the site more than just a news stream and making it a place where you can discover viral stories and interesting topics.

From today, changes to the Discover tab will be rolled out to users, highlighting content that is tailored towards your interests. Currently, the tab lets you see what stories/hashtags are currently trending, but this change will only highlight the stories and tweets that are of interest.

The tab will show you who tweeted about particular stories, and show relevant tweets from your news feed that match each story. The idea is to give stories social context so that users can understand why it’s relevant and give them enough information to join in the conversation. You can reply, retweet or favourite such tweets, but it’s the option to “Tweet this story” that’s interesting, presumably it’s more than just a simple retweet function as Twitter state that you can use it to “share your own perspective.”

The update is a way to make Twitter more of a place to uncover new and interesting content that you mightn’t necessarily find in your news feed, especially if you follow a significant number of people in which case, content can be easily missed. The only problem to this is that while it’s similar to what Facebook is trying to do, Twitter users tend to have more people using third-party apps and programs than the site itself. However, rolling it out to mobile devices is a step in the right direction as there’s an increased focus on mobile, which older social media sites are trying to adapt to.

Twitter say that the update is part of ongoing development of the Discover tab, suggesting that further changes will be made to it in the future. The change will be rolled out to users over the coming weeks and will feature on the website, iPhone and Android apps.

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