Smart QR Code Campaign Harnesses Sunlight To Increase Sales By 25%

When they first came out, QR codes were embraced for various forms of marketing, but in recent times they’ve fallen by the wayside as marketers realize that consumers aren’t bothered to scan them.

One place that QR codes always had great traction is in the far east. This campaign, which has just finished in Korea, is a classic example of them being used well and in a way that attracted consumers with an innovative offer that actually drove sales.

The campaign was run for Emart – who are one of the largest retailers in the country – and was called “sunny sale”. The problem that Emart were facing was that nobody was entering their stores at lunchtime so the creative team developed a QR code that was placed in thirteen locations around the city and could only be scanned between the hours of 12-1.

Anybody who did scan the QR code was given a special discount code with 25 per cent off and taken to a special store that was only accessible to those who scanned. The results were spectacular and the campaign has now doubled in size after they saw a huge spike in sales. QR codes are just like any other form of marketing in that you need to come up with innovative ways to use them instead of just slapping them on a brochure or poster. Very smart indeed.

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