Volkswagen Create Brilliant Flipbook Advert For Facebook Page


After Smart Argentina fitted a car into 140 characters and created a scrolling cartoon using only tweets, it was perhaps inevitable that other brands would try to recreate what is an inspired and creative idea. It turns out that the next logical step is to create a similar campaign on Facebook and take advantage of what is by far a more visual medium.

By using the photo viewer, Volkswagen Ticari Araç has created a photo album which doubles up as a flipbook. By clicking onto the album and holding down the ‘right’ button on the keyboard, you can watch the Ticari Araç drive through a desert and urban area, creating a never ending loop. With 200 photos in the album (the max amount of photos Facebook allows per album), you’ll scroll through it a lot faster than you’d expect, but it’s such a simple idea and it lends itself to Facebook so well, you have to wonder how it’s taken so long for someone to come up with this idea.

Either way, it’s a brilliant advertisement and an original way of getting a message out there. No doubt many other brands will start coming up with their own versions and those who want to see it for themselves can find it here.

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