Smart Nike Web App Turns Your Face Into A Shoe

In a bid to show just how flexible and soft their new shoes are, Nike have come up with a brilliant web app that uses your face to control the shoes. When you fire it up, your face is mapped using facial recognition technology. It then switches to using the actual distance between your features to allow you to control the shoe.

Scrunch your face up in one direction and the shoe will do the exact same thing in real time. It does take about a minute to set the whole app up and to configure it, but once you’ve that done, you end up playing with it for at least five minutes to see what sort of mad stuff you can make the shoe do. You’ll also want to make sure that you are doing this somewhere fairly private because you are going to end up looking very stupid indeed as you can see from my own photo above.

You can head over and try the app out for yourself right now here or click on the image below.

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