Samsung Target Apple With Guerilla Flash Mob Campaign

It looks like the marketing machine behind Samsung is gearing up for a big showdown with their fierce rivals Apple around the launch of their new Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone.

The web has just started lighting up with news of a flash mob – organised by an agency in Australia – that protested outside an Apple store and brandishing placards saying “Wake Up”.

Billboards and other advertising has been seen around the city and websites are starting to be taken over with the message. The link back to Samsung can be found on this website which also features the “wake up” branding and is counting down in seconds to the start of May when the new Samsung phone is due to launch.

Aggressive Iconic Marketing

These days, Samsung seems to be going after Apple in a much more aggressive way and they are coming out fighting on this one. The iconic picture here is taken at Bondi beach with the campaign creative painted on to the bottom of a swimming pool.

The really interesting thing to watch in the coming days and weeks is if this campaign is limited to Australia, or if Samsung will roll the same messaging out globally. They seem to be suggesting that Apple customers are like sheep: they’re just following the herd (that has been the messaging from them recently) and that it’s time to wake up and notice their much superior phones. You have to say it is incredibly smart and could just hurt Apple where it hurts most.

(Image from Mumbrella)

Video Reaction

Although this video is a filled with waffle, it does capture the protest and exactly what happened when the black bus pulled in front of the Apple store.

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