Introducing The Cheeseburger Pizza [Video]

It really is amazing what brands will do to promote themselves these days because when I stumbled across this new product from Pizza Hut, I could only assume it was a stunt to get themselves some online attention because there is no way it could be real.

It turns out that their latest product is indeed real and comes from Pizza Hut middle east and is called The Cheeseburger Pizza. They’ve taken two of the most popular snack foods in the world and combined them into one meal that, quite frankly, looks absolutely disgusting.

What this will do for them though is get the brand lots of exposure around the world as people share the video on blogs and with friends and they have clearly made a calculated bet which means that even though it is disgusting, it’s a risk worth taking. I only hope no Italians see this because they’ll shudder in horror after seeing what has become of one of their national dishes.

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