“I Cried”: Youtube Project Looks For The Web’s Most Moving Video

We all know that Youtube is good for a quick laugh, be it the comedy stylings of a stand-up or the more simple affair of watching people crash into stuff in painful ways. There’s a lot of joy to be had, but what about the videos that make you go teary eyed, or the videos that move you? An interesting project sets to capture these emotions and make the internet more than just a place to find lolcats and funny videos.

Dee Kim and Bistin Chen created Project Goodcry, an experiment intended to make crying a collective experience. If you’re a Google Chrome user, you can install the ‘I cried button’ on Youtube so when you see a video that make you shed a tear, then you can rank it not by stars, but with tear drops. The ‘I cried’ button is similar to the Facebook ‘like’ button and is an alternative to Youtube’s thumbs up and down feature.

Every video that gets an ‘I cried’ rating is ranked on the Project Goodcry site and so far, the saddest clip this month comes from the Disney film The Fox and the Hound, the video appropriately entitled ‘sad scene.’ The cliphas  over 550 people have shared the same emotion and therefore a collective experience.

It’s an intriguing experiment as instead of sharing laughs, people are sharing collective experiences and emotions more complex than laughter. With some people wanting a dislike button on Facebook for a while, it shows that people want to use social media to convey emotions that go beyond a simple like. The video mentioned earlier can be found below so have a watch and see whether or not it moves you like 550 other people.

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