Dove Facebook Campaign Helps Women Feel Better About Their Bodies

You may have noticed when you log in to Facebook that the ads can feel very targeted towards you; in some cases they are downright unflattering. This is mainly because Facebook has so much information about you that you voluntarily share with them, and in turn their advertisers. The soap brand Dove have just launched a campaign in Australia that aims to change what it perceives as the unfair amount of negative ads that are targeted at women and their bodies.

The idea behind the app is simple: once you sign up and choose to install it, you can then choose to send messages to other women and replace the negative tone with something more inspiring of your own. When you use Facebook, the ads prompting you to do something about your body will be replaced by positive messages from all over the world.

Now that is what the case study for the video says which Unilever (the company that makes Dove) released, but in actual fact that just wouldn’t work because it would break pretty much every one of Facebook’s terms and conditions. What the app actually does is it buys up normal Facebook advertising, and uses its targeting to buy against the more sinister ads.

There’s no real way that they can be totally precise with the ad targeting and make sure specific people sees the ads so the video is not entirely accurate. What it is though is a nice feel good campaign, where the video will no doubt get a ton of views and Dove will get support from all the women who think they are standing up for them. Nearly a brilliant campaign, but Facebook wouldn’t be too happy about you replacing their ads for them!

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