10 of the best Pinterest tools and apps

I think we’re all agreed that Pinterest is pretty amazing, but there’s some great tools and apps available that can add even more to the experience, across desktop and mobile. Below is a selection of some of the best add ons available, but feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

Spinpicks – discover new content

While this is quite a diversion from the native Pinterest experience, SpinPicks is a nice way of discovering new content on Pinterest and finding new people to follow. Currently in beta, SpinPicks pulls in content from various sites including Pinterest, Twitpic and Instagram. You can choose to limit to just Pinterest, which will bring up random pins you can click through, as well as being able to follow people and repin directly within the app:

Pinterest on your Facebook Page

While you can, of course, develop a bespoke Pinterest tab for your Facebook page, if you don’t have the money/skill to do this, there are some great free alternatives available. While you won’t get the full customisation that you would with your own tab, Woobox has a good offering for Facebook pages that can be quickly installed and allows you to include Pinterest functionality on the tab, while displaying your boards in full:

Turn your pins into a puzzle

There goes the lunchbreak! A new mobile app has been launched that takes your Pinterest boards and turns them into a playable picture puzzle on your phone. PinPuzzle allows you to automatically pull in photos from your boards, or any public pins, and creates a level-based game you can play. The further you get, the more pieces are available in the puzzle:

Create a spliced image

If you want to make good use of Pinterest’s photo layout to do something a bit different, then this tool might be for you. It allows you to easily create an entire board that looks like one image, which is a nice way to create eye-catching design on your profile page:

Pinterest on Android

This developer has created a native Pinterest app for Android, which is available on Google Play. The app brings in a lot of the functionality you’d expect on an official Pinterest app and is available in both a free and paid version. If you opt for the paid version, you can pin items directly from the mobile browser:

Get paid to pin

An interesting Pinterest hack here, that is no doubt aimed at highlighting Pinterest’s somewhat dodgy past with affiliate links. Pin Dollars rewards users for pinning by attaching affiliate links to individual pins. Interested users can sign up on the site and it looks relatively easy to use – simply replacing the native pin bookmarklet with Pin Dollar. Don’t expect huge revenue from this, but an interesting approach nonetheless.

Pinterest Analytics

PinReach is a pretty cool analytics site that gives you an enhanced view of activity on your Pinterest profile and boards. You simply connect with Facebook/Twitter, enter your username and email and you’ll be presented with a simple dashboard of your latest stats. It will show you a history of your repins, most popular pins and advanced analytics on your followers:

Expand Pins

A nice Google Chrome plugin here that will automatically expand individual pins when you hover over them and bring up the full view. This is actually a really nice addon to the Pinterest experience and something that could be a good native feature of the site, making for easier viewing. You can download Pinzy for Chrome here:

Pinterest on Windows phones

A nice app here that allows you to run Pinterest on Windows Phone. Pinspiration is available as a free download with added functionality for mobile such as being able to show certain pins as live tiles, which is a pretty cool add-on:

Pinterest in your email signature

Wisestamp, who have created a great way to easily add social email signatures to a number of clients, have introduced a new feature which allows you to embed your Pinterest account with a follow button. You can install Wisestamp and the Pinterest add on easily by following the instructions here:

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