Puma Promotion Rewards You The Faster You Buy Your Shoes

In a bid to sell more shoes, Puma have launched a smart promotion featuring sprinter Usain Bolt that rewards customers for buying their shoes faster. When entering the shop customers can grab a ticket from a machine that is time stamped.

The quicker they buy the shoes, the greater the discount they receive when they give in their ticket at the counter. This whole campaign is clearly devised to spur people into quickly buying the shoes, and it fits in with their tagline which calls them: “The fastest trainers in the world”.

So many promotions are run these days with building brand awareness as the main objective, but it’s important to remember that the life blood of all these brands is sales and Puma should be applauded for coming up with a campaign that focuses on that while also creating a fun experience for the consumer.

So what do you think? Would it encourage you to buy a pair of Puma shoes, or do you see it as a cheap marketing trick and you’d rather have a good leisurely browse of all the different types of shoes?

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