Google Opens Up Adwords For Video To All Users

Google is pushing advertising on Youtube for quite a while, with 800 million visitors to the site every month, the platform is practically a goldmine for revenue that Google and similar sites are figuring out how to monetize. The latest effort is to integrate AdWords with Youtube videos and allow all users to avail of the service, mainly smaller businesses who want to expand their audience.

After making various improvements to its AdWords services including the future introduction of a system that recognises misspellings and variations of keywords, Google AdWords for video is similar to its text equivalent but instead users who have videos can assign keywords to their videos and present a call-to-action overlay on your video, directing traffic to your website or a specific page.

Through this service, you can discover how viewers are engaging with your brand during and after they watched your ad, as well as the type of audience you’ve attracted via the AdWords analytics system. If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, then you’ll find more of the same here, showing you which ads are performing the best and where your audience is coming from.

Pay Per Engaged Views

One of the major advantages that Youtube is pushing is their Trueview video ads, only charging you when your ad has been viewed. Users aren’t charged if a viewer has skipped their ad or if they have already seen your video so you only pay for engaged viewers. There is no minimum budget spend required to launch a campaign on video although this is because AdWords uses a cost-per-click bidding system and be charged only the necessary amount to keep your ad at its position in its page.

To encourage users to hit the ground running, Youtube has also compiled a Advertiser Playbook teaching users how to make sure their ads reach the widest possible audience. This is a move that benefits Youtube and Google as high quality ads means that they will be watched to the end and the company will get paid for it, thanks to the Trueview system mentioned earlier.

The company claims that from a recent Campaign Insights report, Youtube video ads drive a 20 per cent increase in traffic to your website and a 5 per cent in searches for your business so Google is hoping that these percentages will increase once small businesses start using the service.

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