Almost Half Of Breaking News Heard Via Social Media Is False [Infographic]


While social media has transformed the way we receive and digest news as well as the speed in which we receive it. However, the medium brings with it its own problems such as who reported what and whether it’s a credible source that’s doing the reporting.

A new infographic from states that 49.1 per cent of people have heard breaking news via social media that turned out to be untrue. Looking at how social media is replacing traditional journalsim as a news source, they found that despite this, social media is regarded as a viable news source, up there with TV and newspapers and that Facebook is the most trusted social media source with 59.5 per cent relying on it.

As well as weighing up the pros and cons of social media as a news source, there’s a number of interesting facts here, perhaps the most noticeable is that so far this year, online news revenue has surpassed print newspaper revenue, mainly because both print revenue is falling and online revenue is increasing.

The overall message though is while the medium has changed the playing field, you should exercise a degree of caution, look past the noise and check with a trusted news to see whether a story is true or not.

Social Media: The New News Source

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