QR codes on gravestones go mainstream

Last year we bought you news that QR codes were beginning to appear on gravestones, and now the trend is really starting to take off. Companies are now specialising in offering QR code-enabled gravestones and one organisation in Indiana leading the way. They are, according to founder Randy Allen, the only company in Indiana to offer QR code gravestones. Check out their newspiece below (excuse the first 30 seconds explaining the ‘little lines’ on QR codes):

As whacky as this may sound, there’s a lot more to the concept that meets the eye. This isn’t about using quirky technology for the sake of it, but to drastically change the way you can remember loved ones. As one customer noted, after her 26 year old son was killed, she explained that the QR code on his headstone had enabled his friends to share photos on his dedicated memorial website; photos and memories that she didn’t have herself.

The fact that this technology has progressed from a gimmick to something more and further mainstream usage shows that there is a real need and purpose for the product.

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