Pinview Presents Your Facebook Content As A Pinterest Board

Do you love the design and layout of Pinterest, but wished that the same functionality could be transferred over to other social media sites? If so, there’s a new app available for Facebook that takes its cue from the ever growing site and does away with the traditional Timeline presentation, reformatting it in the style of a Pinterest board.

The tagline: “Browse Facebook like you browse Pinterest” clearly states its intentions, but as the web becomes more visual and appearance becomes almost as important as the product itself, it’s certainly no harm to take inspiration from a site that does visual as well as Pinterest. Combining the look of Pinterest with the realms of data contained within Facebook brings with it a lot of possibilities and opportunities to expand the app.

When you’re using it, you can see how the app’s presentation could build upon what’s already offered. Scrolling through your friends list in the app via their profile pictures is much easier on the eye, and the option to bring together all the images and videos from your profile and your friends to the one place is a nice touch. Overall it’s the emphasis on imagery that Pinviewer brings that makes scrolling through profiles and links faster and easier to process.

The app is in beta mode so there are a few kinks, while you can click and expand photos, from our test, it wasn’t possible to open up videos and links on the app (especially since you can bring videos together in the one place which is a pity), but the ‘beta’ tag suggests that this will be fixed in the near future and when the app is officially released.

Those who are interested in using Pinviewer can access the app here.

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