Google Wants Your Photos For Maps & Youtube Gets Audio Editing Update

Google is a fan of data, which is no surprise as that’s what their success is based on. To help flesh out their products, they rely on their users to generate additional data to develop it and improve them for future use. For its maps feature, it unveiled an Android app designed to help improve their GPS tracking system whenever someone is in a building, and now the company is looking for your images so you can geo-tag them on Google Maps, so it can provide further context about a location.

Through their photo uploader tool, Panoramio, users were able to drop their photos to the locations where they were taken, but Google has upgraded it so that you can now snap your photos to a place on the map, making the geo-tagging process easier. What this means is that when you’re searching for your photo location, a list of suggested locations will appear showing where your photo might have been taken. There’s also the option to tag an image as an indoor photo; when all submitted photos are uploaded and tagged, they will appear in both Google Maps and Google Earth.

Also tying in with Google’s updates are further updates for those uploading videos onto Youtube. Recently, Youtube expanded its partner program allowing anyone who uploads content to make money from it, and now they’ve thrown audio editing into the mix, allowing users to add background music to their videos.

AudioSwap allows users to choose from 150,000 different tracks which they can add onto their video, either as soft music playing in the background or have it completely replace any audio in the video. Youtube is promising additional updates and tracks in the near future but you should have more than enough material to work from in the meantime.

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