Skype Continues To Slam New Media With ‘It’s Time’ Campaign [Video]

You may remember at the beginning of the month Skype’s latest campaign ‘It’s Time For Skype‘, where a number of billboard ads, aimed directly at Twitter and Facebook, were found in the U.S. and the UK, specifically the London Underground for the latter. It was a departure from how Skype usually markets itself as it’s never targeted other brands before, let alone the major players in social media.

Now the video calling service has released a number of videos which expand on this campaign encouraging people to move away from poking and tweeting and instead just talking to each other. The three videos found below follow the same theme: it’s human to want to see and talk to someone and it’s something that can’t be recreated through social media.

The campaign does aim to connect with viewers on a personal level, letting them associate the service with the personal moments they share with friends and showing that technology has made communication easier but has left us feeling disconnected.

Yet with Facebook having video chat (powered through Skype technology) and Google+ plugging its hangout feature, there is the possibility that Skype would be forgotten about if these features grow in popularity. It feels like the campaign is Skype attempt to stay relevant in a online world that constantly changing. While we wouldn’t go as far as to say that the service is under threat, it feels more like a reaction to what the future could bring and this is the company’s effort to present this from happening.

As the voiceover in the first video states: “But these days, while we’re more plugged in, we somehow seem to be less connected. It’s not technology’s fault, it’s how we’ve chosen to use it.” Skype is hoping that this message will resonate with viewers and the nostalgia associated with such moments will convince them to try out the service, but whether it will work or not is another story.

Everyday moment with Skype

Sharing our stories

Working together with Skype

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