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As Google lines up to take on the likes of Apple’s iClould and Dropbox, the Washington Post has a look at what the new Google Drive could look like. It’s a big launch and it should happen next week.

The popular fundraising website for entrepreneurs Kickstarter has hit a new record with a watch that links up with your smartphone, raising a huge $3.3 million with over a month still to go.

There has been a huge amount of hype about the new Google smart glasses that will bring computing technology to your eye lids, but it turns out Oakley have been at this sort of stuff for years already.

The biggest deal in social media is more than a week old, but we continue to get interesting analysis and opinion from both sides and this piece says Facebook’s Instagram Buy Won’t Alter Twitter Strategy.

Is this the best Facebook Timeline design ever? (source)

Everybody is starting to get used to the new Facebook timelines so with that in mind, the guys over at social media examiner come up with 5 Ways Businesses Are Using Facebook Timelines.

The war of words is still going on between Google, Apple and Facebook and Danny Brown offers his take with some wise words of his own – Sergey Brin Paints His Kettle Pot Black Over Facebook and Apple.

Twitter has been extending their advertising platform over the last couple of months and although it is still very early days, you can now start to target the ads based on the devices the tweets are being accessed on.

The Huffington Post has been one of the huge success stories of the last few years, and this fantastic piece has a look at how they have achieved that success: Six degrees of aggregation.

There has been a huge amount of buzz over the last 36 hours over the Tupac Hologram that we featured here on the site yesterday, and in this interview with the creator, we learn a little more about the process.

The lines between bloggers and journalists have always been very blurred, but this piece over on Gigaom argues that the debate has really passed and there is no point trying to tell the difference any more.

This is a long watch at 20 minutes, but we spotted it over on AdFreak and its a great reminder of the issues faced by the homeless.

The analysis on the Instagram deal just keeps rumbling on and on, and this piece in the Wall Street Journal explains how the board of Facebook was more or less out of the picture and Zuckerberg did all the decision making.

Apple shares have been on one of the biggest surges ever seen for a large tech company, gaining 60 per cent since the start of the year. This article has a look at if there are turbulent times ahead for owners of the stock.

Facebook is trying to push social readers by pushing ‘trending articles” into users’ feeds.

There are lots of graphs out there at the moment that point to Facebook starting to take on Google, but this chart from Brazil shows how Facebook has overtaken ALL of Google’s properties at the same time very quickly.

These slides in Munich university are a seriously cool way of getting people to their classes on time while having a bit of fun at the same time. Reminds us of Google but only better.

When it comes to blogging, there are lots of practical resources and guides out there, but this one for the beginner blogger is topical, up to date and simple to follow.

When it comes to technology and who’s changing the social world, Brian Solis always has some great insights and here, he discusses Disruptive Technology and How to Compete for the Future

Even though email marketing tends to get overlooked these days in favor of newer social tools, this post shows that the numbers are still incredibly strong when it comes to this marketing channel.

Paying with smartphones to outpace credit cards by 2020, experts say. This is certainly happening at the moment ,but it will probably take at least five more years to be done properly.

Roger McNamee always has some pretty forthright views when it comes to technology, and this video sees him discussing the future of Apple and digging the knife into Google in a pretty big way.

Apple have a bit of an uneasy relationship with the carriers – who give them large amounts of money – but could they all be about to gang up on Apple and start demanding lower prices?

34 Game tracks played to rock music on this incredible ten minute video featuring some of the best known video game songs in the world.

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