Apple Turn To Celebrities For Latest iPhone 4S Adverts

Apple has just released a couple of new adverts for the iPhone 4S, and rather than their tried and tested formula of focusing in on the product and telling us all how amazing it is, they’ve decided to steer a new course with their advertising by introducing: celebrities.

Apple have used celeb voice overs in the past, but this is a radical shift in the way that they’re promoting their products. It’s not something that Steve Jobs did with the iPhone or the iPad and one has to wonder if we are starting to see a new form of the Apple brand emerge.

The ads focus in on Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel going about their daily lives while using Siri to help them complete tasks like finding recipes. The message that Apple is clearly trying to get across here is that even celebrities with their millions in the bank and real personal assistants can still have their lives improved by having the latest phone and a digital assistant. So what do you think of the new Apple ads? A change for the better or are the celebrities taking away from the focus on the product?

Samuel L Jackson

Zooey Deschanel

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