Tupac Shakur Comes Back To Life At Coachella Music Festival [Video]

I had to do a couple of takes when I saw this video for the first time as it shows one of the greatest rappers of his generation, Tupac Shakur, seeming to come back from the dead and making an appearance at the Coachella Music Festival last night.

Fans were taken aback when the star appeared in the middle of the stage during a Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg set, sparking rumors that all the conspiracy theories about his death had been right.

It actually turned out that this was a 3D Hologram and Tupac, who was shot and killed back in 1996, was not actually back from the dead. We’ve seen these 3D holograms used before when Mariah Carey did a performance for T mobile last year, but this is possibly the most realistic one to date and God only knows what the festival goers would have made of this after a few drinks.

It is, nonetheless, a brilliant piece of marketing that will spread globally over the coming days and help raise the late rapper’s profile and mystique even further while shifting lots more of his albums. It also made me wonder what concerts of the future might look like and if an artist will ever really ‘die’? It looks like the future finally arrived and it is pretty exciting if we do say so ourselves!

Videos [Very NSFW]

Check out the videos yourself and as you will see the hologram is so lifelike, you would have no idea that it wasn’t actually him unless you were told so.

In Indonesia, i guess “Senandung Crishye” is using this 3D Hologram performance too..

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