Social Media And Marketing Stories You Just Can’t Miss

Every day while researching the latest trends for clients or finding stories for the blog, I come across some brilliant reads that I bookmark and keep for myself to read when I have a bit of spare time. Rather than being selfish and keeping all that great content to myself, I decided to start a feature here where I share ten must-read social media and technology stories of the day. Most of these will go beyond breaking news and will be insightful posts, articles or videos that are worth starting your day with.

An interesting look at how Mark Zuckerberg has complete and utter control over Facebook and the decisions it makes. The Instagram Deal: A Mark Zuckerberg Production

Zynga is now one of the biggest companies in the social web space and their founder Mark Pincus is hailed as a huge success. However, in this brilliant interview, he explains how he has failed in the past before making it big. How to Fail: Mark Pincus

There has been plenty of hype about Google+ and how many users they actually have, but in this article, Danny Sullivan has a good balanced look at the numbers and if they are stacking up or not. If Google’s Really Proud Of Google+, It Should Share Some Real User Figures

We all spend so much time on our computers, smartphones and social networks these days and this excellent piece asks us the question if Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? Possibly a little over the top but good reading.

Will Data Monopolies Paralyze the Internet? With all of us pouring more and more of our personal and professional data into the social web, Jon Bruner looks at where all this data will take us in the future and wonders about the large corporations controlling it all.

Much of the focus in the smartphone market these days centers around Apple and the iPhone, but one of the biggest battles over the last couple of years has been between Samsung and Nokia. This fantastic piece paints a picture of how Samsung beat Nokia.

A very simple infographic that we spotted over on All Facebook that shows the reach of Facebook Ads versus Google Ads.

So video is fast becoming a great way to convert visitors into sales on your website or blog, and this guest post over on Problogger gives a good run down of what does and doesn’t work. Use Video Testimonials to Increase Conversions

So Apple usually get a ton of praise from everybody in the tech press, but this is a good balanced look at why they might need a fresh start when it comes to their operating system. iOS Needs a Fresh Start

So Ze Frank, one of the most creative people on the internet over the last number of years is back and most people seem to be seriously happy. The guys over on Copy Blogger have a look at what you can learn from his creative side

Facebook have starting to allow you to download even more of your data from the site and the guys over on inside Facebook explain how you can do that now.

These guys are brilliant at marketing themselves as they trick a whole shopping mall in to thinking that one of their friends is famous. It goes as far as one of the guys even getting a date out of it.

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