Smart Car Campaign Brings Classic Pong Game To Real World [Video]

Everybody loves the original and iconic computer game Pong and it has survived as a brand for decades around the world. It was simplicity at its best and Daimler have tapped into the classic game to create a brilliant real world campaign that highlights the best features of the car.

The problem with electric cars is that while many people see them as an environmentally sound way of getting around, they don’t rate them for the driving experience that they provide. With that in mind, the car maker put on a real world stunt at auto shows that allowed people to step into the cars and drive them in a real world game of Pong.

It involved driving forwards and backwards using all the responsiveness of the car while also attracting a large audience to watch the stunt. It really was a great way of getting attention on the key benefits of the car, while the campaign also picked up a considerable amount of traditional media coverage and online buzz. Very smart indeed…

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