Intel Ultrabook Speeds Highlighted In Smart Time Travel Campaign

Normally when companies want to promote that a product is faster or more powerful than its competitors, they usually throw stats, figures and technology that sounds impressive but glosses over the heads of the casual user. Intel has solved this problem by not only emphasising the capabilities of its new laptop, but creating an easy to follow narrative.

To promote its new Ultrabook laptops and to highlight just how fast they are, Intel’s latest campaign, A New Era of Computing, is set in the past and has time travel as its theme. This one, set in a cliched wild west scenario, shows a standoff between one cowboy and a modern day consumer who comes in with an Ultrabook.

The idea is that in comparison to the Ultrabook, everything else around it appears to be old fashioned. As more ads are being broadcast on Youtube first before making their TV debut (this ad won’t broadcast on TV until next week), it’s proving to be an popular strategy for building up hype around a product.

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