HUGE: Introducing Facebook Offers – The Arrival Of True Social Commerce [Video]

We’ve seen Facebook testing offers over the past couple of months and now the site is rolling it out to the general public. Interestingly, Facebook isn’t making a big deal about it by posting on their blog, and are probably trying to roll it out slowly given the failed attempts at offers in the past. These are essentially coupons and they could be a huge step forward for social commerce and helping brands to monetize the huge following that the site already has. At the moment, the offers are only available to advertising clients:

At this time, offers are only available to managed advertising clients. If you have an account manager at Facebook, please reach out to them to start posting offers from your Page. We’re working on expanding the number of Pages eligible to post offers and expect to make offers available more broadly soon.

The really good news though is that offers are free to run at the start:

It doesn’t cost anything to post or claim a Facebook Offer. To increase the number of people who see your offer, consider running an ad or sponsored story.

This is going to be a huge step forward for businesses, and we can really see this working because as we wrote in the past, they are super easy to reclaim, very viral in the way that they spread and make complete sense to monetize your fan base. We are very surprised to see that these are free to use, but Facebook will probably benefit in the long run as advertisers spend more to help their offers reach a much larger audience. Exciting times!

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