Facebook Takes A Leaf From Google & Merges Personal URL & Messenger

Facebook has announce that, starting today, it will be updating addresses on Facebook to make them consistant across the site. What this means is that the address people use to view your timeline and send you email will be the same.

The move bares some similarity to what Google did with its accounts, merging its Google+, Youtube and Gmail accounts to create the one unified account. From their screenshot, those who haven’t already changed their page address will be given an automatic one with the option of changing it. Those who wish to change theirs can go over to the username page to switch it if they haven’t done so already.

Custom usernames were rolled out in 2009 while the current messaging service, which gave users Facebook style email addresses, was also introduced in 2010 to encourage more people to use the site as their primary means of email. However, servies such as Gmail and Hotmail still retain their popularity for messaging, meaning that the service didn’t take off like expected.

The merging will now make it easier for people to find and message users on Facebook and could help drive up the usage of its messaging service. Although with the popularity of other social media and emailing services online.

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