Desperate Facebook campaign shows model stripping for Likes

Now that’s got your attention! Just when you thought the whole “we’ll do ‘something’ for likes” couldn’t get any more bizarre (see the bearded billboard), clothing brand Stussy proves you wrong. In a flagrant display of desperation for Facebook likes, they ‘ve launched a Facebook campaign featuring a model dressed the latest clothes from Stussy. The trick is that the more Likes the Facebook Page gets, the more clothes she’ll take off.

When you click on like, you’re greeted with a display that shows the model in all her…modesty, and a call to action to share the Page:

What’s perhaps most annoying about this campaign, even more than the desperation for an arbitrary number, is that it doesn’t even make any sense. When you’ve liked the page to reveal the model, there’s no real call to action, nor is there any brand messaging about the campaign, which begs the question of what the point of this is even further. Stussy may be generating likes but with a view to doing what? Having fans of your brand with a genuine interest and having fans of your page who want to see someone strip to their underwear are two very different things…

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