20,000 Pieces Of Lego Used To Play Star Wars Theme [Video]

This huge drum which was made out of 20,000 pieces of LEGO actually plays out the tune to Star Wars in a piece of marketing that is sure to get fans of both products excited all over the world.

It was all done to promote LEGO in Germany and the barrel appeared in cinemas showing Episode I: The Phantom Menance 3D earlier this year. Pieces of the design hit levers and fans were allowed to spin the barrel themselves. You can tell that this is the perfect sort of interactive marketing that appeals to children, and you can only imagine them all begging their parents to take them to the shops to buy their own LEGO to make similar constructions.

Given how many views any videos made featuring either Star Wars or LEGO on their own get, this is just about as sure an online viral hit as you could ever see. Not only great real world marketing, but it’s set to be an online hit over the next couple of days.

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