How Brands Are Starting To Game The Facebook Like Button

The past couple of weeks every time I log in to Facebook, I see the same types of updates from brands and businesses. Rather than creating compelling engaging content that makes people interact with it, most brands are just explicitly asking people to like their updates. “Like this because X” or “Push that LIKE button because of Y”.

It all comes down to the news feed and trying to game Facebook’s own edgerank which determines what we all see when we log in to the social network.` It’s a complicated algorithm but a large part of it comes down to the amount of likes, interactions and shares that a post gets. More likes means more visibility for that particular post and for all posts in the future. It’s taken brands a while to realize that Facebook is not about the number of likes, but rather how engaged they are and it seems like they’ve all started to do anything to get us to hit that like button.

Some Examples

Here are three posts that I saw in my news feed from brands, but I could have found tons more of these as well. It’s a nice update to do once but when you log in and see every brand begging for likes the value starts to feel like it has gone out of the simple action of liking something.

Facebook Need To Fix This Quick

Facebook are pretty good at spotting stuff like this and clamping down on it. You are already banned from incentives around competition entries through using the like button. They’ll have to come out and say something about not using the world “Like” within an update or possibly just automatically ban it from status updates because it is ruining the experience on the site at the moment. However, you can’t really blame these smart brands because they are only doing what works well for them in terms of getting more visibility.

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