Brilliant “Death” By Flash Mob Highlights Bad Breath Campaign [Video]


Just when you think you have seen every type of Flash Mob, there is to see along comes French mint company Tic Tac with a brilliant new campaign that shows a whole city center ‘dying’ after smelling the breath of a passer by.

As you can see, the person who is the center of the flash mob has no idea what is going on and one of them is even seen running away, scared and clearly thinking the end of the world has arrived. The final scene shows the punter having to take a tic tac to revive everybody which is a great way of explaining that the mints do such a good job of making your mouth ‘fresh’ again.

The video has just been released and already has half a million views. See if you think hard enough, you can even turn one of the oldest and most overused memes like flash mobs seem original and unique. Simply brilliant.

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