The Future Of Video? Mind Blowing 6,900 FPS Video Will Blow Your Mind

Every once in a while, technology will get to a certain stage where you think it can’t possibly advance much further. That is where I thought we were at with video recently given the fact that we are all walking around with 1080p full HD cameras in our pockets on our phones.

But just when you thought we had reached the nirvana of video technology, along comes this stunning video featuring of all things, a simple tea party that is shot in a whopping 6,900 frames per second , showing what might be possible with a video camera in the future. As the guys who made the video themselves say:

A super slow motion video of exploding eggs and smashing glass filmed by the Phantom Flex camera….not your typical tea party.The frame rate was anywhere between 3,200 to 6,900 frames per second.

Now this technology is obviously not in the hands of regular punters just yet, and that’s something that is probably a few years off. But with the pace at which personal video technology is evolving, you could see us all walking around with something like this on our phones in the future. Sit back and pop the video in to 1080p and enjoy this breath taking piece of video.

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